Transforming Potential into Performance

As a leading private equity firm, we partner with visionary entrepreneurs and management teams to drive sustainable growth and create lasting value for both our investors and our investments.

Exploring New Horizons in Private Equity

Established with the purpose of transforming the private equity landscape our areas of speciality include commercial and residential real estate, renewable energy assets, industrial assets and emerging technologies. Our investment philosophy is underpinned by meticulous analysis, prudent risk management and innovative strategies that seek to capitalise on market inefficiencies and long-term trends.

How We Work

At Angaros Partners, we approach our investments with a keen eye for detail, a deep understanding of market dynamics and an unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional returns. Our investment process is built upon a strong foundation of extensive research, strategic foresight and practical execution. Our proprietary investment methodology adheres to the following core components:

Our Portfolio

Commercial and Residential Real EstateAUM: 150 million EUR
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We seek out high-potential properties in strategic locations across our key markets in Asia, North America and Europe. Our diverse real estate portfolio comprises commercial properties, residential projects and mixed-use developments. Angaros Partners works closely with leading property managers, architects and builders to create spaces that deliver lasting value and contribute positively to their communities.
Industrial AssetsAUM: 120 million EUR
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We hold significant investments in a variety of industrial assets. Our industrial assets portfolio looks for unperforming assets primarily in Europe, Asia and North America. The portfolio is currently comprised of several entities, including a semiconductor manufacturing facility in Northern California and a food processing facility on the outskirts of Warsaw.
Emerging TechnologiesAUM: 350 million EUR
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In today's globalised hyper-evolving world of technology, Angaros Partners continually seeks opportunities with the potential to shape the future. Our technology investments range from cutting-edge cryptocurrency and blockchain ventures to Web3 and, increasingly, artificial intelligence. We understand the transformative power of technology and strive to support startups and companies that are pushing the boundaries of innovation.
Renewable Energy AssetsAUM: 170 million EUR
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Recognising the pivotal role of renewable energy in shaping a sustainable future, we strategically invest in clean energy projects that push the boundaries of innovation and efficiency. Our portfolio comprises an array of energy resources, including solar, wind and hydropower, primarily located in Europe. In line with our investment philosophy, our approach to renewable energy investment is underpinned by a rigorous assessment of project viability, long-term sustainability and potential environmental and social impact. We work closely with energy innovators, local communities and regulators to ensure our investments contribute positively to the global energy transition while generating robust returns for our clients.

Harnessing Innovation for Robust Returns

Our work at Angaros Partners is driven by a shared vision of prosperity and a commitment to sustainable investment practices. We are not just investing in companies or assets – we are investing in the future, a future we hope to shape for the better. Our proactive approach empowers us to navigate the complexities of the global investment landscape, delivering sustainable and consistent investment returns that exceed expectations.

Angaros Partners advisors are adept at investing in high-potential assets across a wide breadth of global sectors. Our diversified portfolio is designed to achieve optimal returns while effectively anticipating and mitigating potential risks.

We place a unique emphasis on Asia, North America, and Europe, along with emerging markets and new technological sectors. Our dynamic market focus allows us to capitalise on the unique opportunities each region offers while solidifying our position at the forefront of global investment trends.

We don’t just invest and observe – we play an active role in managing our portfolio companies. Angaros Partners works closely with their leadership teams, offering our strategic insights and operational expertise to drive growth and enhance performance.

Sustainability plays an integral role our investment philosophy. We are committed to making responsible investment decisions that generate strong returns while contributing positively to society and the environment.

Ultimately, our goal is to work with clients to yield meaningful and lasting value. At Angaros Partners, we strive to illuminate opportunities to create value. We take pride in our ability to navigate the complex investment landscape, finding and cultivating growth opportunities that translate into robust financial success for our clients, partners and stakeholders.

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